Nature’s Lacto Bleach | Tan Removal | Review | Priyanka Bisht

Hey everyone,

Hope you guys are doing well.

Today I’ll be reviewing a something that is ecery girl’s dream of having.. Guess what?

Its a tan removal cream/ bleach.

Natures Lacto Bleach for tan removal.

Price- Rs. 95/- for 50 g.

Ingredients – It’s main ingredients are Milk and geranium oil. The ingredients as we all know that they are really good for the skin.
How to use it?

Apply the cream over you skin using your fingers. Leave it over your skin for about 10-15 minutes. 


  1. Before cleaning it just give it a massage over the skin where you applied cream taking little water in the fingers and then wash your face with the normal water.
  2. Use it daily for better results but I generally use it once a week.


  1. The ingredients of the product are suitable to all skin types.
  2. No irritation on skin while using bleach.
  3. No watery eyes.
  4. Reasonable pricing compared to the quantity.

Cons- As such I did not found any negative point about the product but one thing I would say that its not going to give you an immediate result on its first use but you would be able to notice some change after its 2-3 uses.

I would give this product a thumbs up. Personally speaking yes, I liked the product. It is just amazing..

Thank you… 🙂

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