Tackle depression | Priyanka Bisht

Hey everyone,

Today’s topic is something that has consciously or unconsciously become a part of our life and is significantly affecting us.


It is the most common words listened nowadays. Many of us are found to be under depression but very few are able to detect it. Similarly very few are able to overcome it.

Depression is the state where a person feels least interested in anything and remain lost in his own world of thoughts. He feels that his life is meaningless and feels helpless in many situations. 

It is not just that an adult is only prone to depression but children are also found to be affected with it. There are some children who behave differently from the other children of their age. Their could be many reasons to it. Family or any immediate environment the children are being exposed to can be the reason for it.

Adults are easy pray of depression as the lifestyle nowadays is already so stressing so it is very hard to find time for anything. Life says keep running.


It is the fear within us that leads us to the path of depression. We try to hide our real side from others because of any fear that we have. It may be because we are conscious about our image. Reason could be anything. It develops anxiety due to which we fail to enjoy any moment of life. We start taking life as a burden and for some who cannot manage this burden try to get relieved from it. 

Is it only the way by which we can get ourselves out of any tension? Reasons needs to be discovered. In my opinion, none will be happy to see his/her family crying over his/her such a step. It would just be the  transferring of burden of depression from the depressed one to the family and i don’t think his soul would be happy with that anyways.

I would like to suggest some steps to overcome stress.

  1. Whenever you feel like depressed go for a morning walk. Inhale the fresh air and exhale the tension. 
  2. Listen to the music of your choice. In my opinion I would suggest you not to listen to the heart broken songs as already you mentally pressurized and that won’t lift your mood up.
  3. Share your problems with the one you feel comfortable with. Try to find out solutions for it rather than sitting alone and lamenting over it.
  4. Take a break. Life is stressful, we all know and none can escape from the difficulties in one’s life. Go on fews days holidays to the place where you’ll feel your mood getting light. Preferably go somewhere close to the nature.
  5. Practice yoga.
  6. Meditation helps a lot. Meditate atleast for 5-10 minutes everyday, most of your problems will get sort out with that only.
  7. Eat healthy and sleep well.






















Never underestimate anyone that they cannot be affected with depression. You’re single deed can have a huge impact on one’s mind. So beware of what and how you speak to others.


Give your loved ones their own space and love. Nurture the little ones with care.

Thank you..


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