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Hello everyone,

Today I’m here to share my reviews on four products of Patanjali. In this blog I’ll be covering 4 products from Patanjali , i.e. Saundarya Face Wash, Kesh Kanti Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Aloe Vera Gel and the Divya Kantilep.

Pantanjali is a brand known for its being truly Herbal and it is. It has become a big brand now that sells a wide variety of skincare products as well as the food items. They will not affect the skin anyways.

First lets have a look at Pantanjali Saundarya Facewash.

Price– ₹60/-

My experience

I have been using Saundarya Face wash for about 2 years and still using it. I am planning to continue using it in future unless I found any product much better than this. I have tried many face washes till now but this I found the best.

It cleanses the face nicely. By the time I started using Saundarya face wash, my facial skin related problems have reduced..

I have oily skin so I used to easily get pimples. After using it, I feel that it has reduced the problem to a large extent.

Nice product !!

Kesh Kanti Anti Dandruff Hair Cleanser

Price – ₹110/-

My experience

I face a lot of problem of having Dandruff. It is that much that I need to wash my hairs on daily basis to get rid of excess oil and dandruff.

Since Patanjali Kesh Kanti Anti Dandruff Shampoo is a herbal product, so there is no need to think before using it. Even I use it daily and I don’t face any problem while using t regularly.

I used to have hairfall issues earlier also so I won’t be blaming it for that but yeah it has helped me in reducing the level of dandruff that I used to have earlier.

It also has something that colours the hairs naturally. I have noticed this as I have a black hair right in front that many of times irritates me.

Good product coming in good deal!!

Aloe Vera Gel

Price– ₹75/-

My experience

I actually purchased it for the pimples that I used to have, someone suggest me to use aloe vera gel on the pimples, leave it overnight and then wash it off with the normal water in the morning.

I did what was suggested. Yes it nourished my skin as we all know that how aloe vera is good for the skin. It helps in removing suntan, blemishes, etc.

But I’ve listened and read about other uses of aloe vera gel that it can be used as hair conditioner. So then you can try it..!!

But I feel that rather than buying it you can have an aloe vera plant at your home, that will be the best thing.

Divya Kantilep


My experience

Again I bought it for the pimples on face. I heard a lot about it then I purchased it.

It says that you can use it on pimples, blemishes or any other skin related problems. It has to be applied as a paste mixed with rose water, milk and aloe vera juice. Apply it and leave it for 1-2 hours. I used to apply it while going to sleep and wash it off in the morning.

After leaving it overnight, it found that it dried those pimples to a larger extent and I liked it . But I found that it made my skin look yellowish for quite sometime after removing it. It looked like I’ve applied turmeric on my skin.

So I will suggest you to use the product only when you plan to stay at home.

Thank you.. ☺❤

Be beautiful….


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