Trending style in Black Kurti | Priyanka Bisht | peeruloveseverything

Hello beauties,

Today I’m here to share a few styling tips while you are dressing up a kurti. Being an Indian, every girl always has imagined herself either wearing a Saree or Salwar Kameez.

The choice of fabric depends on each individual. In summers I generally prefer cotton fabric. Cotton has several benefits. It is the best fabric material to be used in summers.

Cotton helps in the absorption of the sweat and let it evaporate. It leads to the flow of air and helps the skin breath. It is soft material. It will never let the skin get irritated. There are many more advantages.

Nowadays a new trend has begun. There are several types of salwars that have been developed. Some wear tight pants with kurtis or some prefer wearing a palazzo these days. My personal choice is wearing a legging and a kurti in summer. It makes me feel more comfortable.

It had discovered this style late in the last summer in 2016.


Black adds beauty to anything. It gives you grace to your personality.

Wear a plain kurti with a multicolored Dupatta. I have styled a black kurti with black leggings and a multicolored Dupatta. A bindi adds charm to it.

In Indian tradition, a bindi has a special place. Besides adding beauty to a woman, it has other significances too.




Thank You…

Be Beautiful….


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