Oriflame lipstick (Soft Coral) | Review | Priyanka Bisht

Hello everyone,

Today I’m reviewing an Oriflame Lipstick. The shade is Soft Coral.


Oriflame Lipstick (Soft Coral) 




It is a plastic black tube and has a transparent plastic tube as its cap.


INR 150 for 4g.

Shelf life

Not mentioned

My experience

I am really disappointed with this lipstick. Firstly these lipsticks are not available easily in the market. You need to contact the agents of this brand. Then they will come to you with the list of the products which Oriflame offers. Once you have placed an order, you have to wait at least for few day because there is another procedure that takes place. They will further take your order to the company and then everything is done.

I was really excited as it was the first time I was ordering something from Oriflame. I had heard a lot good about the products from this brand. I got it a week later after I had placed the order.

So this is what I felt..

It is gives natural color to the lips. It has a weird taste (not good). It feels as if I had applied oil on my lips. As soon as you drink or eat something, it completely goes off. I would rather call it a lip balm which comes in a lipstick packaging. Even if it is a lip balm, it does not matches up to the expectations.

It has shimmers. I do not like the lipsticks which have shimmers.



  • It gives natural color to lips.



  • No staying power.
  • Availability is an issue.
  • Shelf life not mentioned.
  • Poor packaging.


My suggestion

I will never buying it again. I would rate it 1/5.


Thanks for reading….

Be Beautiful….!!!




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