Pond’s White Beauty BB+ | Review | Priyanka Bisht

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Today I will be sharing my reviews on Pond’s White BeautyTM BB+  Fairness cream. I was in search of a product that will help me in getting a makeup like look but will not affect my skin. Pond’s has launched its BB+ Cream for that matter.

Before starting to review it, I must tell you that I’ve finished a tube of 18grams already of it and now it is my second tube of the cream that I am using. So you can guess how much I would have loved this product.

Let’s begin…

Pond’s  White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream


I got it for INR 350 (50g). I is available in two other quantities also,i.e, 18g and 9g.

What it claims?

It comes with a SPF 30 PA++ with GenWhiteTM Cover formula. It protects your skin from the sun tan. It gives you an instant glow and a perfect look for everyday!!

My experience with the Pond’s White BeautyTM BB+ Fairness Cream

I have fallen in love with this Cream totally. It comes in a tube and have a screw like opening. It means that if you need to use it you will have to press from the top of it.

It’s really light and non greasy on the skin. It really doesn’t feel that you have applied something on face. It smoothly glides on the skin. It gives an instant shine to the skin and gives an even tone.

As you can see the difference in the pictures before and after applying it.

(Before applying the cream)

(After the cream application) 

You can even use it daily. It do not clogs the skin pores and make skin to break out.  I have not found any problem the product except for that it is available in one shade only. Otherwise I liked it.

Its really a nice product. You can also try it..

I give this product a big thumbs up…🖒

I will rate it 5/5.


Thank you😙😙


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