Things to keep in Bag when you go on a Military Training Camp | Priyanka Bisht

Hey everyone,

Today I’m so excited because we are going on a Military Training Camp tomorrow for a week. It is the first time ever that I will be going out with friends for such a long period of time. It will help in breaking the monotony of life. I’ve been very busy for such a long time. It will help in bringing me back to life.

We will be going to Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana, India for Camping. There will be a large variety of activities such as rock climbing, parasailing, paragliding and many more. We will be provided dress and some necessary utensils over there itself.

I was confused what to keep in bag and what not to. We are asked to keep just the necessary clothing and I’m confused what does “necessary clothing” include?  So after thinking and searching everything, I selected some of items which are MUST to be kept in bag.

Keep your necessary cosmetics in a pouch.

Try to keep it simple and casual when you are on camping. Makeup should be minimal. So just keep your moisturizing cream, kajal, eyeliner, lip balm, a lipstick and a mirror.

Here I’m carrying Ponds white beauty BB+ Cream which quickly adds glow to the skin.


To know more : Here I’ve shared my review on Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream.

Keep sunscreen because the whole day you need to stay outside. So it is important to take care of your skin. I’m carrying a Lotus Herbals Safe Sun with SPF 30. Sunscreens with SPF 30 are recommended.



Always keep your toiletries with you

It is better to carry hand wash and body wash. As when soap is used, it needs time to get dried up after it is used which is not the case with body washes and you need to complete your tasks quickly. So these are the need of the time. These are, in fact, more hygienic to use than the soaps.

When it comes to hygiene, I strongly believe in Dettol hand wash.


It is the first time, I have bought Lux Body wash. I would surely love to share a review on it soon after I return back from camping.

Keep your face wash, shampoo and conditioners. You should also take the paper-soap with you. I’m carrying my patanjali products with me.

Read this :Best 4 super affordable Pantanjali Products | Review | peeruloveseverything| Priyanka Bisht

Comfortable clothing

As you are going on Camping, you should keep those clothes with you which make you feel comfortable. Don’t take such clothes that make you feel uncomfortable while doing activities and becomes a hurdle in your enjoyment. So for this I’ve got new track pants.


Pack them in the manner as shown in the image (below) so that they occupy less space.


Always keep a Deo with you

It is very important to keep a deodorant with you. It will keep the odor in control. After doing activities for the whole day, sweating becomes an issue. So always carry a deodorant with you. It could be any of your choice but for me I’m carrying Nike Women Trendy.


Find it’s review on: Nike Woman Trendy Deodrant | Review | peeruloveseverything | Priyanka Bisht

Suitable Clothing

As it is a winter season, the temperature in Manesar drops sharply at night. So we are advised to carry some of the warm and some of the moderate climate clothes.

So in warm clothes, I’ve packed a jacket, sweatshirt and a shawl.


Keep some socks and at least blanket for the nights being really cold.


There you don’t know whether you’ll get proper space for drying the wet clothes so it is better to carry a Gamcha rather than the heavy towels. The towels take more time to dry for next use specially in cold than the Gamchas.


I’ve even bought a cute pair of slippers from Action.


First Aid Kit

Keep your First Aid Kit with you. Keep some bandages and medicines that you feel that you might need. It should include Paracetamol, Vicks, Digestive pills, Pain reliever etc.img-20170211-wa0012

Keep two three poly-bags in which you can keep the clothes that you need to wash after coming back.  Always keep extra undergarments.

The last step is to check whether you have kept all the stuff that you might need in the camp.

Now the preparations are done.


Let’s GO!!!!!

I’ll share picture of the camp as soon as I get back…


I will get back soon…

Be beautiful…!!!!!!!!


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