Amity Military Training Camp | Manesar | 2017 | Priyanka Bisht

Hello everyone,

Its great to be here again. I’m really sorry for taking a week break from blogging. I was really busy in the Camp. We were asked not to carry any valuables. So I left my laptop at home. Even the area did not have proper internet connectivity.

As I already informed you that I was going on a Military Training Camp to Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana, India; my blog will be all about what all I did in the camp.

So let’s start with the picture when we were waiting for our bus in the morning. Here are two of my friends with luggage and me…lol..😝


We started at 10 am from Amity, Noida and we reached Manesar, Gurugram by 1.30 pm via National Highway 8. Luckily we did not face any of the traffic at any point.

As soon as we reached there we were handed over our uniform, a set of utensils (a plate, a spoon and a glass), pillow, pillow cover, towel, bed sheet and blankets.

Our schedule was:-

5.30 am- Bed tea

6.45 am- Jogging

8 am – Breakfast

8.30 am- Marching/ Planned Activities

11 am- Refreshments

12.30 pm- Lecture

1 pm- Lunch

5.30 pm- Tea 

7 pm- Lecture

8.30 pm- Dinner

Let’s have a look at the camp,





Below is the night view of the camp👇

Now is the beautiful morning view,




There is separate area for the boys. As I was residing in the girls’ section so I am sharing pictures of that area only.







There is a canteen in the camp which has a proper seating arrangement for 30-40 girls at a time. It has the two of the most demanded corners which had the charging points. One could get cold drinks, coffee and chips. Everything other than what you get from canteen was free of cost.

The food was nice and was less spicy. It also included eggs sometimes to the non vegetarians. Two days we got boiled eggs and one day egg Bhurji. Paneer was also included in the diet. One day we were served Chowmein. Dal was an important part of the food.

The thali in lunch and Dinner always included rice, chapati, two sabzi and a banana. Last day of the trip included Jalebi.


There are 10-12 washrooms as well as bathrooms. There were around 10 wash basin. Cleanliness was properly taken care off.

The washrooms had geysers. Each bathroom and the wash basin had two taps. One for warm water and the other for the normal water.

Medical Facilities

There are medical facilities available. There is always a Doctor available in the camp. If in case, anyone needs the hospital facilities at night that is also available.


There we participated in the march past but for some reasons I was not able to capture the marching  moments.

Then we had Zorbing.



Rock Climbing and Rapling

I was really scared to climb up the rock and could not gather courage to do these.








Crossing the hurdles



Light and Sound 

It was an evening activity which was to be conducted after getting dark. We were asked not to use lights. We were even asked not to use our mobile phones. In this some sound was made and we were to make use of our hearing power to detect the direction of the sound and what the sound was of.

We were then taken on a walk around the Amity campus, Gurugram.

Day Trekking

We went to day trekking..



While we were on trekking, we reached a temple which was high on the nearby hills.



Cross Country Running

In this we had 800 meter running competition.

Tug of war

Each of the team had 20 members.


All the activities were very exciting and thrilling. I enjoyed all the activities except for the rock climbing and rapling as I could not gain courage to do those activities.

The last night we had DJ night.



Nature at its best…

I would love to share some of the scenic beauty which I observed at the place….





The trip ended with the competitions in crossing country running, hurdles, tug of war, Debate and marching.




Jai Hind !! 🇮🇳

Thanks for reading…!!


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