Maybelline New 36 H Lasting Drama Gel Liner 01 Black | Review | Priyanka Bisht


Welcome back to Peeruloveseverything….😊

Today I am really excited to share my review on the eyeliner that I have loved over months. It is an amazing gel eyeliner. It is not so new to the market but has been there since a long time. I have already finished a pack of it. It is the second time that I have got this liner.

So let’s get started….

Maybelline New Lasting Drama Gel Liner- 01 Black



INR 525 for 2.5 g



The packaging is really nice. It comes in a small plastic jar and a sleek brush is also provided along with it to give a smooth finish. The brush is neither too hard or too soft to use. It is appropriate for the purpose.



Shelf life

36 months

 What does the product claims?

  • More intense
  • Up to 36 H Lasting
  • Smudge-proof & waterproof

Directions for use

You need to apply the liner with the brush provided with it. You just need to take the required quantity in the brush and then apply gently.

My experience 

It is the best eyeliner that I have bought till now. The brand loyalty begins when we get the quality that we expect from the product.


It is jet black in color. In one to two strokes, you get a perfect pigmented line. It is smooth so it glides on the lash lines quickly and easily.

I was in search of an eyeliner that would be smudge proof and waterproof. It smudges a bit but that is negotiable. My search ended when I got Maybelline Drama Gel eyeliner (01 Black).

I apply it on my upper as well as the lower lash line every morning before leaving for college. I leave for college at around 8 am. When I return back home from college at around 6 pm, it smudged a bit but was still there. So I can say it has a good staying power of at least 10 hours which I have tested and it results were as expected.


This is how it looked at 8 am 👆.


It did not smudged till 12 in the noon.


Then in the evening, at around 5 pm, I found that it smudged a bit but still was OK with me. It did not completely went away but it was almost there with a bit of smudging. 


  1. Smudge-proof.
  2. Water-proof
  3. Intense pigmentation
  4. Serving both purpose of an eye liner as well as the kajal
  5. Cost effective
  6. Travel friendly
  7. Good staying power
  8. Safe for the contact lens user.


  1. It dries out fast which affects it usability.

No other cons as such..

I will rate it 4.5/5. Amazing product.…👍


Thanks for reading…

Be Beautiful….!!


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