Juice Matte Nailpaint M-16 | Review | Priyanka Bisht

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today I’m sharing a review on the Juice Matte Nail paint M-16 which is a grey shade. It was the time to bid farewell to the college, so I was shopping for that. I just found this really cute nail paint in one of the cosmetic store. 

Inquiring about the nail-paint I came to know that it is really new in the market. It is easily available online also.

So lets get started…




INR 50 for 9.9ml.



It is shade no M-16. It has a really cute packaging. It is a little different from the packaging of the regular nail paints. The bottle gives a little smoky effect.


Direction for use

  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply two coats for perfect shade.


Staying Power

4-5 days

My experience

I got it because I wanted to try something new. Also it is affordable if we compare the prices of the matte nail-paints from other brands which range above INR 200.


The nail paint gives a perfect matte finish. When I applied a single coat, the color was very light grey. To get the exact same shade, I had to apply another coat. It is to be applied twice. It does not gives a shimmery effect. It settles evenly.

As in the following picture you can see the difference in the first and the second coat.

Fragrance:- When I was applying the nail-paint, I could smell a strong fragrance which was not prevalent for long time. It disappeared after sometime of its application.

Finally when I was done with the application…


It can be easily removed using any of the nail paint remover.

It started chipping off after 4 days of its application. The staying power can vary based on the activities you indulge into daily.



If, in case, you find any nail paint drying just put a drop of nail-paint remover in the nail paint. Shake it and it is ready for use.

Thank You..


Be beautiful….!!




2 thoughts on “Juice Matte Nailpaint M-16 | Review | Priyanka Bisht

    1. Thanks for appreciating my work..
      And very sorry I have no idea as it is not mentioned on the bottle.. I just share my personal experiences about the products. To know more directly contact the company.


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