Effective method of Drying Pimple Overnight | Priyanka Bisht

Hello everyone,

We all love our skin. We always want a flawless and natural looking skin. There are several skin related problems that we face day to day. The nature has answers to all those problems. Treating the skin naturally never cause any ill affects. It, in fact, makes the skin more healthy from within.

Few weeks ago, I had my college farewell party. Whenever a “Party” is there we all want to look perfect. In Indian culture, the celebrations of the last gathering in college is known as a Farewell party and in western culture, it is known as Prompt Night.

I was really happy that we were going to have our farewell. I had decided everything for it and suddenly a pimple popped out. I felt like hell. Then I used multani mitti pack on my face. It is really effective. It dried my pimple and also removed the excess oil from my skin. There was a visible glow on my face. 


How to make a Multani Mitti (Multani Soil) facepack?

Multani Mitti

Materials required

I used : –

  1. Powdery form of Multani Mitti 
  2. A pinch of Turmeric 
  3. Natural Aloe Vera gel from the aloe vera plant
  4. Milk
  5. Rose water

Suitable for Skin types

It is suitable for oily skin types.


Direction for Use

  • Apply the pack allover the face and let it dry.
  • Don’t wait too much to dry it.
  • As soon as you feel that it is drying, wash it off with the normal water.

Important Points

  • Multani Mitti is available in the rock as well as the powdery form. You can use any of them. Both are equivalent effective. It does not have any expiry date.
  • One thing that you need to keep in mind while using a Rock form of multani mitti is that Rock needs time to melt.
  • It is not necessary to go in for a branded Multani Mitti.
  • Try to use the raw form of all the above mentioned items.
  • Use the milk and the rose water for the purpose of making the Multani Mitti wet.



Be Beautiful…!!


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