Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo | Review | Priyanka Bisht

Hello friends,

How are you all?

Frizz free hair is all that each one of us desire. Shampoo helps in cleaning hairs but we just not only expect it to clean our hair but also to nourish them. These days pollution damages our hair, to lock its nourishment. We need something that will make our hair more smooth and silky; and  easy to maintain. So today I’m reviewing Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo.



INR 180 for 190ml.



Shelf Life

24 months



I love the packaging. It is a thick plastic bottle with such a cute style of opening. It prevents breaking of the cap and also it is very hygienic and easy to use.



  • For smoother and straighter hairs.
  • lower sulfate formula




My experience

It stands by its claims. I have an oily scalp. My hairs need a wash in every two days of gap. It leaves hair shinier and softer. It does not form a foam. It is still going to give good results if used without the conditioner.

It is a strong scented shampoo. Not recommended for the people who do not like highly perfumed products.

It will not help in fighting the dandruff problem.

Since my scalp is oily, I have issues of dandruff and hairs getting oily so early due to which I might not buy it again. 


Thank you…

Be beautiful…..!!




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