Lacto Calamine (Oil Control) Daily Nourishing Lotion| Review |Priyanka Bisht

Lacto Calamine

Hello everyone,

In summers many of us face the problems related to getting oily skin. This blog is regarding a product that will help in fighting that problem to some extent. Today I’ll be reviewing Lacto Calamine Daily Nourishing Lotion.

Lacto Calamine is such an established brand for years. It is from Piramal Healthcare, which have its headquarter at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This time they are offering a Lacto Calamine sunscreen, complimentary with it. I will be reviewing the sunscreen separately on my another upcoming blog.

I have an oily skin. As I stay in Delhi, India where we tend to have extreme climate, it becomes a problem. You cannot always be under some Air Conditioners or something. So one cannot escape from sweating or getting oily skin.

Now there are two categories of people based on the range of sweating. One (A) category which includes people who sweat a bit and the other one is (B) which include the people who sweat a lot. I belong to the (A) Category.

I bought Lacto Calamine Daily Nourishing Lotion from a nearby shop.

Lacto Calamine


INR 99 for 60ml.


Aqua, Light Kaolin, Castor oil, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Carbonate, Emulsifiers, Preservatives, Perfumes & Permitted colours

Skin Suitability

Oily skin and combination skin

Shelf life

5 years

Lacto calamine shelf life


A water based lotion with Tri Action formula that absorbs excessive oil and gives you a problem free clear skin everyday

  • Kaolin absorbs excessive oil secretion and removes acne causing dead cells
  • Zinc Oxide helps unclog pores by preventing bacterial growth
  • Glycerin prevents excessive drying of the skin and retains natural moisture
  • Water based
  • Non-greasy
  • Alcohol free

Lacto Calamine backside


It is a plastic bottle with a twirling opening which makes it leakproof.


My experience

This lotion is really helpful. The following are the positive aspects of the product:-

  • It controls oil and also prevents skin breakouts.
  • It maintains the required amount of skin moisture.
  • It is very light in texture. Very light on skin.
  • It is travel friendly.

Here are the negative aspects:-

  • It has an overpowering fragrance, which could be an issue.
  • It does not give any coverage to the blemishes and the dark spots.
  • Talking about the packaging , it is travel friendly but not hygienic for use in long run.
  • Shaking it is must before using it.


It is not suggested for the people with dry skin as it will make your skin drier.

Rating:- 2.5/5


Thank you….!!

Be Beautiful…..


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