Benefits of Talcum powder | Priyanka Bisht

I remember those days of my childhood when my mother and grandmother used to apply talc on us. These talc were available in various fragrances. The most remembered one is the Ponds Dream flower for fragrance and Nycil for getting relief from rashes due to prickly heat. Also there were many brands like Navratna Brand offering Navratna Cool Talc with the tagline “Thanda Thanda…Cool Cool“. This one was actually my favorite one as it provided cooling sensation on skin quite for sometime.

dermi cool

These are still available in the market but the rise in the deodorants’ market has affected the market for the talc. Earlier it was considered an important part of one’s life as none would even think of moving out of their houses without using the talc. Very few people know how the talcum powders can help in various ways. 

No matter what comes up in the market, there are many benefits of using talc which nothing can substitute. Some of them are mentioned below:-

  1. Reduces the level of sweating

    If you sweat a lot, using a talc gives a higher degree of relief. It reduces the sweat secretion and more it absorbs. It can make you feel fresh for a quite long time. Sprinkle some amount of talc in the areas that sweat a lot such as the underarms. 

  2. Remove Odor from shoes 

    After wearing shoes for a long day, the shoes smell so badly. Just by wearing socks under shoes does not help in coping with the problem. Put some talc in the shoes, it absorbs the moisture in the shoes which causes smell. Hence,it will help in getting rid of the odor from the shoes. 

    remove odour from shoes

  3. Helps in fighting acne/pimples

    Pimples are the result of the secretion of the oils which blocks the pores in the skin and makes it difficult for the skin to breath. As a result of this, the dirt gets trapped in the pores and develops pimple. If some amount of powder is applied on affected skin, it not only controls sweat but also the oil secretion. This definitely helps a bit in drying and reducing the pimples/acne.

  4. Repeating sweaty clothes without wash

    When you are required to wear the same dress again which already sweaty after a use, sprinkle some powder and iron it. It will get freshened up for the next use. Similarly when a piece of cloth is kept without use for a long time, repeat the same procedure but this time sprinkle a little bit of water over the sprinkled powder and then iron it. 

  5. Maintaining Hygiene

    Sprinkle some powder down there. This will help in maintaining the dryness of the area and control the odor. 

I hope that you would have found this blog useful…

Thank you…

Be Beautiful…!!!



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