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Finding a true and genuine friend among humans could be a difficult task. We need someone who understand us. Humans be selfish and judgmental at times. There are some god created creatures which will never judge you and leave you alone, no matter what happens. They have no self motive behind anything they do. All they need is love and care.

Cute puppy wallpaper

Today I want to introduce someone, who has become a part of our lives within a short span of 5 months. 5 months ago, we welcomed a puppy at our home, his name is Mylo. He is now 6 months old. We got him from a friend of my brother when he was about a month old. I’m not sure of the breed. It was the first time that we were having a pet.

cute puppies wallpapers

Earlier I used to be really scared of dogs but after the arrival of Mylo in our lives, the fear of dogs disappeared gradually.  Animals can be the best friend that one can have. They can fill up the lives with the happiness. They can help you fight the depression. They understand the situation you are going through. They just let you forget the tension of your life. They can ease the lives.

Click:-  Little Mylo playing (when he was 2 months old) 

Dogs become lifeline. As it was our first pet, so we had no knowledge of how to look after him but we knew that he has to be fed milk only and has to be vaccinated timely. Gradually we learnt everything. We were not aware of the diseases that a puppy can get from the surroundings.

Little puppy


His vaccination started on time. When he was about 4 months old, we started taking him out to the streets. After few days, he started to vomit repeatedly. We took him to the Vet and came to know about a disease among dogs which is called Parvo Virus. It is a life threatening disease among dogs but is more dangerous to the puppies who are to be vaccinated.

Mylo was about to get his next vaccination against the same virus. As he was caught by Parvo Virus, his condition deteriorated severely. He was not able to sleep. He became so weak that he could not even stand properly. We had to carry him from one place to the other. The doctor put him on glucose. His condition started improved after 10-12 Days when he started to have the food like Khichri and Daliya. The period of his treatment was a terrified experience as we used to get the continuous thoughts of loosing him. But with god’s blessings, he recovered from his condition. 

Witness the affect of that virus.


Click to view :-  Sleepy baby Mylo..

It happened with us few days ago, my father was not well. He had to be admitted to the ICU in the Hospital. His condition was a serious concern. We all were really tensed about his health and also the financial matters. We were all running here and there. My puppy suddenly stopped eating anything and even stopped playing. He turn very dull. We thought he might be sick. We were really confused how to manage the situation. We were really busy with everything that we had no time to even take him to the Vet.

There are some people who never realize the phase of life which you are going through. Their main motto remains just to be judgmental. It is the time when you expect an emotional support, more than anything, from others. Few are there but maximum fail in that and few blessings of god help you to fight against the stress.

As my father got discharge from the hospital and came back home. He ran to him, wagged his tail and started to smell him. This made my Dad to smile, that feeling was heaven for me as he had such a big health issue. From the same evening he came back to his normal routine. It could be that he was also missing him at home.

Now I want to share some cute pictures of Our Mylo,




Having a dog is not just that you are providing a shelter to them but I would say that it is an emotional journey. 

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